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Case Keepers

Case Keepers are  essential items to have and utilize anywhere that there is an open refrigerated showcase that is stocked with packaged food products and beverages. They attach to any open refrigerated showcase in the same manner as standard strip curtain attaches to a walk-in cooler, however; they also attaches to the bottom of the of the case opening.

Case Keepers are simply strip curtain that customers can reach through and retrieve their packaged food items and beverages easily, safely, and effectively. Savvy business owners know that when this item is attached to all of their refrigerated packaged food products and beverages showcases; they are not refrigerating their entire store and they save tremendous amounts of money on their electric bills;  day in &  day out.

These are must-have items for grocery stores, supermarkets, cafeterias, restaurants; and any other application that uses refrigerated open showcases.

Advantages of Using Case Keepers in Your Business

  • Case Keepers never need to be rolled up or pulled down to effectively save energy.
  • They keep the cold in & the warm out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and 365 days a year.
  • The strips are very durable and cleaning them requires only a wash cloth with some soap & water from time to time.
  • They save you up to 30% off of your monthly electric bills, when installed properly.
  • They are made in heights of 54″ & 66″; and we manufacture them in 2, 4, 6, and 8 foot lengths.


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We save companies thousands of dollars off electric bills; every month

With a combined expert experience of 37 years in the industry; American Traffic Doors means ‘door perfecta’. Our Clients reorder from us, knowing that the items we make position us as a Dominant Force in our industry.

All of our rigid & flexible traffic doors are hand crafted by expert craftsmen to meet and exceed your specifications & expectations. We make doors & other items you can trust to perform the assignment that your company relies on it to do. Any doors made by American Traffic Doors are ruff and tuff enough to easily withstand the day in and day out punishment that your business can possibly bring to it.

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