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Bulk PVC Roll Stock

When your needs include PVC Rolls, or flexible PVC sheeting; we have a variety of roll stock material to choose from. Our rolls are perfect for any application and unique configurations/applications.

Choose from plastic rolls of Smooth, Ribbed, Low Temp or nylon reinforced PVC roll stock in thickness’ from .04 mil to .160 mil,  and from 4″ wide to 48″ wide.

The PVC material has a temperature range from -55 Degrees F. to +200 degrees F.; depending upon your application.

They are used in a number of facilities including: Restaurants, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Convalescent Homes, Dairies, Ice Cream Parlors, Frozen Food Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Refrigerated Transportation, Large Storage Warehouses, High Technology Labs, Space Research Centers, Armed Forces Commissaries, Air Craft Terminals, Post Offices; and many more facilities.

They are often used to create plastic walls that are stationery as a room divider; or for plastic walls that literally can roll out of the way of an opening; and roll back to cover the same opening.

Our vinyl roll stock comes in colors of clear, safety orange, black and amber, and weld; as well as clear PVC. The PVC rolls have a light blue tint, which is our Signature UV Protection; yet they are transparent after they are hung in place.

Our clear PVC roll material is the same high quality material used in our Tuff-Flex strip doors and strip curtains.

Our dynamic rolls come in 60 to 400 foot lengths, depending on the width and gauge of PVC material desired. We also make a variety of hardware options such as Universal, Pipe & Bracket, Flat-Bar, G-Bar, and Universal Rolling Track & Trolley Hardware; giving you complete control of your project; and a quick & easy install.



We save companies thousands of dollars off electric bills; every month

With a combined expert experience of 37 years in the industry; American Traffic Doors means ‘door perfecta’. Our Clients reorder from us, knowing that the items we make position us as a Dominant Force in our industry.

All of our rigid & flexible traffic doors are hand crafted by expert craftsmen to meet and exceed your specifications & expectations. We make doors & other items you can trust to perform the assignment that your company relies on it to do. Any doors made by American Traffic Doors are ruff and tuff enough to easily withstand the day in and day out punishment that your business can possibly bring to it.

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