Our company motto is "Keeping the world a Cooler place".

Replica Foods

At American Traffic Doors; we are the cutting edge of replica products; period! From Meats to Sweets to Fruits to Veggies to Dairy Products to Breads to Fast Foods & Custom Orders; we will replicate anything that you have a need for.

The featured image is an awesome array of replica mussels & shrimp. Even the bed of ice underneath the items is replica.

We specialize in a wide assortment custom products. From soups to nuts & anything in between; we can meet your needs; and exceed your expectations. We will gladly re-create personalized items according to your particular requirements & specifications.

We design house specials, local delicacies, or attention grabbing novelties; with the help of our team of skilled craftspeople. Not only will your item be unique, but it will look good enough to eat.

We can also produce promotional items bearing your company name, logo, and any additional information of your choice. It’s a great way to keep your business on the top of everyone’s tongues.

We have hundreds of Molds on hand, for many replica food items that you currently need. When we have the molds on hand; you only pay for the items that you need, with no Mold fees.

Ask us for a current list of Replica Food items that you are interested in; with available molds on hand.

How many real food display items are you tossing in the trash at the end of each day? Have American Traffic Doors whip you up some Replica Foods to replace the food you are tossing into the trash.  Start saving your money today.


We will custom replicate any item that you need. We happily welcome any and all challenges.

Since each new replica item that we manufacture requires a new mold to make the new item inside of; a new item minimal mold fee will apply for each new item requested.

Simply let us know if you want American Traffic Doors to keep your newly requested replica item(s) exclusive to you; and we will comply with your request and honor your exclusivity.

We save companies thousands of dollars off electric bills; every month

With a combined expert experience of 37 years in the industry; American Traffic Doors means ‘door perfecta’. Our Clients reorder from us, knowing that the items we make position us as a Dominant Force in our industry.

All of our rigid & flexible traffic doors are hand crafted by expert craftsmen to meet and exceed your specifications & expectations. We make doors & other items you can trust to perform the assignment that your company relies on it to do. Any doors made by American Traffic Doors are ruff and tuff enough to easily withstand the day in and day out punishment that your business can possibly bring to it.

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