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The Costly Horrors of Employees Cutting Down Strip Curtains Inside Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

June 4, 2016 - - 0 Comments

You are probably sitting in your home thinking that the world around you is just swell. Meanwhile; no more than a mile from where your feet are touching the ground, a crime is happening at a local supermarket that happens to have three walk-in coolers and one walk-in freezer.

The coolers and the freezer are all weeping because they actually feel sorry for the owner of the supermarket that they reside in. They all have PVC strip doors inside of them to keep the cold in and the warm out; but there is a problem.

The problem is that the strip doors that are hanging inside of the exterior latched doors have been cut down and mutilated beyond repair by uninformed employees of the supermarket, who decided to take the easy way out; feeling that they had discovered the path of least resistance. Did they really? I think not.

There was a very good reason the owner of the supermarket hung the strip doors inside the coolers and freezer in the first place. It was, of course; to save money off the huge monthly power bills that the coolers and freezer burdens him with each month.

With the strip doors perfectly in place; the owner can save up to 30% off of the monthly power bill per cooler & per freezer; unless super intelligent employees decide to cut strips down or throw them up over a bar or on top of shelves in order to make it easier to pass through the cooler and freezer opening to perform their daily duties.

The owner then saves little to no money, at that point.

I strongly believe that the owner would always take the harder road in order to cut costs whenever possible. Especially when the average monthly electric cost per 10’x 12′ walk-in cooler, using the national average of $0.1071 per kilowatt; is $351.07; along with the same national average of $0.1071 per kilowatt; on a 10’x 12′ freezer being $635.66.

The owner is quite aware that his three coolers and freezer are costing him around $1,688.87.00 per month just to maintain his walk-in boxes; when it could cost him 30% less with fully functional strip doors in place. With all of the supermarkets’ other overhead costs, including the payroll costs of the employees that cut down strip curtains that cost the owner money; the business could be in harms’ way enough to cause it to close down.

In a ditch effort to try and compensate for lost revenue and save his business; the owner raises prices on select items in the supermarket hoping that his customers will not notice the price increases, but they do; and many of them shop elsewhere and pay a lower price.

The bottom line is that strip doors are in the walk-ins for three reasons. They keep the cold in and the warm out, to keep the food fresher, longer, to keep the compressors from turning on more often; lowering the stores power bills.

The business can be saved by proper employee education, as to the importance of why the plastic strips are hanging in the walk-ins in the first place. The owner has to stress the fact that everybody working at the business is to adapt to walking through the plastic strips without destroying them because of the good things that they do.

Employees must be trained and re-trained to think on their feet and look out for the place that they work for; in order to keep the business running smoothly, efficiently, and productively. The supermarket owner cannot do this on his own. It has to be a team effort.

This could mean the difference between an employees receiving a pay raise, or a final paycheck.

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The Costly Horrors of Employees Cutting Down Strip Curtains Inside Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

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You are probably sitting in your home thinking that the world around you is just swell. Meanwhile; no more than a […]


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