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Using Corroded and Contaminated Hardware Can Get Your Facility Shut Down

April 24, 2016 - - 0 Comments

When it comes to corrosion and contamination; the biggest concern in commercial and industrial industries is Mold Contamination; which has become the most prevalent of contaminants on the entire planet.

This fact, alone; clearly dictates, a tremendous need involving a standardization of procedures and protocol to assess, prevent, and remediate; any type of contamination within any contaminant harboring facility.

Specifically, walk-in and drive-thru refrigeration units such as coolers; are inherently contaminated with mold and mold spores due to their excessively high moisture levels inside of them. According to County Health Inspectors; walk-in coolers are found to be severely contaminated with visible mold; during their inspections; on a daily basis.

Mold & food borne pathogens thrive in the moisture located within the entire walk-in and drive through coolers; sticking to everything inside of it. Everything includes food items, the floor, the walls, the ceiling; and the plastic strip curtains that are hanging there from a hardware strip; to reduce energy costs; against the inside of the exterior cooler door.

This is mold that can be visibly seen on all of the items within the walk-in or drive-thru coolers. all of these mold infested items can be easily removed and remediated, however; the hanging hardware that holds the strip curtains in place, must be removed and replaced when mold is visible underneath of its mounting.

The attaching hardware surface and bolts that secure the hardware to the frame of the cooler, because of excessive moisture; are generally assumed to be both contaminated and corroded beyond re-use. Realistically; they should be replaced every 2 or 3 years.

The absorbent cost of professional remediation can cost nearly $50,000 per walk-in or drive-thru unit.

The worst part about corrosion and contamination is that it is never an isolated incident, which is preventable; but most often overlooked.

In addition to and worse than the financial burden; mold can cause or aggravate certain Illnesses. Some people can develop sensitivities to various species of mold. For these people, mold exposure can cause congestion, wheezing, or eye and skin irritation.

It can aggravate asthma and other respiratory disorders as well. For others, exposure can result in more severe reactions, including fever and shortness of breath. Although it is very rare, exposure to certain species of mold can also cause lung infections.

Companies that are found to have excessive corrosion and mold within their facility walk-in or drive-thru coolers; and repeatedly refuse comply with County Health Department regulations regarding Mold & Corrosion in their facilities; can be shut down without further consideration.

What can be done so that this doesn’t happen to you?

Your walk-in and drive-thru coolers need to be cleaned on a bi-annual basis. If the coolers are shared among several groups, then alternate the cleaning responsibilities.

Although cooler cleaning sounds like a major feat; it is really quite a simple task. Discard all of the paper products from the walk-in or drive-thru unit. Then; use slightly diluted dish detergent and wash down the entire inside of the cooler. Wipe all surfaces down with a clean cloth towel.

Finally; wipe up any excess water to prevent additional moisture from being present in the cooler. It is highly recommended that all cleaning personal wear protective equipment when performing the cooler cleaning detail such as; splash goggles, a lab coat; and disposable gloves.


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