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Your Zapping Fly Trap Can Chase Your Hungry Customers Away

May 1, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Cast your mind! You are out on a date with your best gal and you decide to take her to the most upscale restaurant in town. You were finally able to come up with the money for the big date.

You happen to be sitting near the door that leads to the kitchen where the food is prepared, and all of the sudden; you and your date both see a bright flicker of light, followed by a zapping sound; which sounds as if a wire shorted out.

A few minutes later, your food and drink arrives at your table. The server leaves your table and you immediately see your date back away from your table with her screaming; “Oh My God”.

Immediately following that; you noticed what looked like several pieces of a fly was not only in your date’s entre, but in her wine, as well.

Unfortunately; the ambiance of their expensive dinner date was spoiled by a restaurant not following government rules and regulations on flying insect control; by allowing an electrocuting flying insect zapper to be placed in a food preparation area.

This was certainly not an isolated incident, as this exact same thing is happening in restaurants, delis, pizza parlors, meat processing facilities, and many other types of food and beverage industry facilities; on a daily basis.

Sadly; it could be occurring at a restaurant near you. You could be sitting at one right now.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office; the very first bug zapper was patented in 1932 by William M. Frost; and campanies have been electrocuting flying insects ever since.

Basic research has proven that when flying insects are electrocuted by bug zappers; they can spread a mist containing insect parts up to 7 feet from the device.

The air around the bug zapper can become contaminated by bacteria and viruses that can be inhaled by, or settle on the food of people in the immediate vicinity.

The US Food and Drug Administration highly advises that bug zappers should not be installed above a food preparation area, or anywhere around people that are eating; and that insects should be retained within the device.

Sadly; restaurant employees, like any employees; are not all created equal and some of them get agitated at the fact that where there is food and drink; there are also flying insects.  Some of them disregard the US Food and Drug Administration’s advice not to install electrocuting flying insect zappers; and they go ahead and do it anyway; regardless of the ramification that could follow.

Electrocuting flying insect traps are not really effective at killing biting insects like female mosquitoes & other insects, however; they are more effective at attracting and killing other harmless and beneficial insects.

The basic concept of flying insect electrocution devices is that they are almost always housed in protective cages made of plastic or grounded metal bars as to prevent people or animals from touching their high voltage grids.

The flying insect attractor in these electrical zapping machines is a moon-like lamp which emits violet and ultraviolet light; which is visible to flying insects which attracts them to the . The light is protected by a pair of interleaved bare wire grids or spirals.

The distance between adjacent wires is typically about 2 millimeters. A high-voltage electrical power supply produces an amazing voltage of 2,000 volts or more; which is most certainly high enough to conduct through the body of a flying insect, which bridges the two grids; but not high enough to spark across the air gap.

The bottom line is that enough electric current flows through the small body of the flying insect to heat it up to a high temperature. The impedance of the power supply and the arrangement of the electrocuting fly trap grid is such, that it cannot drive a dangerous current through the body of a human.

Many bug zappers are equipped with trays that collect the electrocuted insects; while other models are designed to allow the electrocuted insect parts to fall to the ground below.

The most recommended fly trap which safely removed flying insects from food and food prep environments is the non-zapping type. They typically are made with the following components:

A hard plastic exterior case with an plastic front grate to allow flying insects to enter the trap.

a ballast; which holds a single or double tube light bulb in place, the tube light bulbs, themselves; which emit ultra violet light; much like the moon does, acts as a flying insect attractor.

A starter or flasher to start the tube light bulbs, a thin flexible mirror behind the tube light bulb to refract the ultra violet light outside of the trap; and sticky pads which have flying insect sexual pheromones embedded within the sticky pad material.

The concept of the non-zapping flying insect trap is that when plugged into a 110v outlet and turned on, the tube light bulbs will attract flying insects into the trap.

Once inside the trap; the sexual flying insect pheromones embedded within the sticky pads will attract the flying insects onto the sticky pads; never to leave the sticky pads again.

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