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American Traffic Doors is

‘Door Perfecta’

From Commercial Kitchen Doors to Heavy and Super Duty Double Acting Traffic Doors; American Traffic Doors leads the industry in appearance and Rough & Toughness; hands down. We believe it takes steel within our panels to absorb the abuse of a loaded down forklift. Our engineering superstars have incorporated the world’s only welded steel framework infrastructure within each panel; leaving companies using an inferior PVC and foam framework infrastructure; weeping like crying babies.

We save companies thousands of dollars off electric bills… every month

With a combined expert experience of 37 years in the industry; American Traffic Doors means ‘door perfecta’. Our Clients reorder from us, knowing that the items we make position us as a Dominant Force in our industry. All of our rigid & flexible traffic doors are hand crafted by expert craftsmen to meet and exceed your specifications & expectations. We make doors & other items you can trust to perform the assignment that your company relies on it to do. Any doors made by American Traffic Doors are ruff and tuff enough to easily withstand the day in and day out punishment that your business can possibly bring to it.



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